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The idea of ​​Les Vilaines was born in Provence, from the union of three women, all very different, but who have in common the pleasure of appreciating good wines, and above all of love sharing them together.

With backgrounds in communication, events and the press, the creation of a wine for women who look like them became an obvious choice.

With the energy that characterises them, Anne, Geraldine and Emmanuelle quickly bottled their desire with the firm intention of sharing these epicurean moments.

They chose the land of Provence to make their first wine and the colour of the rosé, true symbol of the region which concentrates the expression of the terroir, embodying the art of living of the south, reflects a know-how and conveys the values of sharing, friendship and savoir vivre.

A rosé for all moments of pleasure that is both complex and "uncomplicated"!



A custom made label

Les Vilaines meet and recognise each other beyond appearances, as epicureans, loving good things, with the desire to enjoy joyful moments. Adept of a certain art of living, Les Vilaines are active and keen women, happy to meet for an after work drink, to exchange, laugh and discuss.

Les Vilaines are both elegant and relaxed, impertinent and quirky. They like wine, but not just any wine. They like to meet in chic or more popular places, in a garden, in the city centre or in one’s kitchen. The Vilaines love life and do not care about hearsay. They like to enjoy beautiful summer evenings.

the Les Vilaines label seen by Frankie Alarcon

From a very young age, pencil in hand, Franckie has been drawing what surrounds him with veracity. Curious by nature, he paints life, observes people and situations with an amused eye. The cartoonist shares his activity between illustration, comics and is the author of a number of delightful books. Inspired by fashion, the seventh art, comic books and cooking, his sharp eye is unique when it comes to women. Elegant and cheeky, with a zest for life, they often strike the pose or caught on the spot, surprised in the moment. Franckie sketches women with a lot of punch and the strength of his line could not better suit the embodiment of Les Vilaines.

His pencil stroke was immediately right. The spirit of Les Vilaines was fully reproduced on this mischievous looking face, whose expression invites sharing. A look that appeals and a singular framing for an already collectors label that launches this first batch. It is also a first for its author, who is signing his first creation for a wine label!

«I immediately fell in love with the wit and character of Les Vilaines: relaxed girlfriends having an after work drink in a rock’n’roll, friendly and modern spirit. Wine and its related visuals are unfairly and too often frozen in a masculine or old-fashioned universe. I liked the Vilaines’ approach, which  consists in breaking these codes and going against the trend. In addition, as a lover of good wine myself, I had always wanted to associate my drawing with this universe».

Franckie captures moments perfectly and his irresistible illustrations are prized by big names in the luxury industry who regularly call on him for live illustrations. Amongst them: Lancôme, Jimmy Choo, Maison Corthay, Coty, Baume et Mercier, Jaegger-Lecoutre.

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