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A characterful, original and atypical rosé composes this cuvée. 

Contains  grenache, black cinsault and  syrah.

Our rosé carries both the accent of Provence, the soul of its terroir, the freshness of the Mistral, the caressing warmth of its spirit of the Vilaines: temperament and a good dose of lightness!

Magnum rosé 2021 (150cl)

  • Les Vilaines – Rosé 2021 - Coteaux d'Aix en Provence (AOP)


    Clay-limestone soil. Bottled by SAS Giusiano, winemaker in Aix en Provence.

    Wine made from grapes grown in sustainable agriculture, which is limited to prophylactic techniques (manual or mechanized work). The amendment that nourishes the vine is organic. If necessary, and only if necessary, in accordance with the environmental principles, phytosanitary interventions can be decided but the objective is to preserve the integrity of the soil worked by the same family for 3 generations.

  • Assemblage impertinent issu de grenache auquel s'ajoute de la Syrah pour affirmer son expression et une touche de cinsault noir_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_ with gourmet aromas for finesse . 

    Vinification: Pre-fermentation cold stabilization. Vinification by grape variety, blending after tasting.  Aging in stainless steel vats.

    Tasting: In the mouth, the palate is lined with a delicious velvet, then, it is a jolt of freshness... a surprise from these young Grenaches. -136bad5cf58d_At the finish, the length in the mouth definitely won us over with its persistence and the evocation of a land of character ».

    Ideal: Cool, with friends for moments of sharing  and friendship. From aperitif to meal, with grilled meats,  salads, Mediterranean specialties and all types of "world food" association.


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